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Affiliate program

Are you a webmaster, blogger or owner of social network community? Want to make some money online? The affiliate program provides you a unique way to earn money online. Please read below how you can earn money.

Referring customers

Do you run blog, popular twitter or facebook community? You can recommend our service to your followers.

Do you own site? You can place our banners and advertise Changer.

If you do not run blog or site, but you are an active participant of a popular community like Bitcointalk, Talkgold, MMPG, etc, you can use your signature to refer customers. As you see there are many ways to be a member of our affiliate program.

How does it work?

When a visitor of your site, blog, signature or community clicks one of the banners/text links, they are redirected to the Changer site and a cookie is placed on their browser for 180 days. If visitor makes an exchange order during next 180 days, the order is tracked and you receive a commission.

Once referred customer places an order he becomes our registered customer. You will get a commission from all orders of this customer placed any time in future.

Please remember that you can not make be your own referral! Our system will terminate payouts in this case.

Income and withdrawal

The amount of commission depends on the quantity of referred customers and the peculiarity of the partner. We offer the following terms: if you are a new partner you receive 10% of the commission charged to the referred client.

When the total amount of your earned commission reaches 500 USD, we can increase the rate from 10% to 15%.

When you reach 1000 USD of all commissions, the rate is 20%.

We are open to negotiation of the commission rates individually. Please contact us with examples of your website, blog or forum profile.